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Narrative shared by Mr Abhinav Patwa (PGP 2010, Dorm 3, Room No. 17) from the time when he first entered the campus and ran up the Harvard Steps 12 years back on 20 June 2008.


“God must have fixed this day as auspicious, in writing the story of my life. I landed in Ahmedabad on 20th morning at 8:30 am and by 11:30 am I was there in the campus. Although the registration is supposed to be held on 23rd, but who can resist himself/herself for 3 days, when 3 hours seem like an age. Dreams do come true, and it is a wonderful feeling to see them coming true. No words in this world can describe the feeling that I had when I kept my first step in the Mecca of management education. The first thing that I did in the campus was to climb the Harvard Steps. I literally ran on the stairs forgetting everything else in this world, feeling like a liberated man who had just been freed from exile. All emotions simply overflow when you experience something as pure as this. I had always heard about love at first sight, but this is the first time, I experienced it. There is some magic in the atmosphere at A, and you just get immersed into it. There are infinite things that I want to write now, but, whenever such a thing comes in life, the best speech is silence. The journey has begun…..who worries about the destination when the journey itself is so promising. By this time, you must have realised, I am committed now…”



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