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Authored by Anita Bhogle (PGP 1985) She has reinvented herself almost every decade. Her early years were spent in advertising, market research and marketing consultancy. For the next two decades, she along with her sports broadcaster husband Harsha ran a highly successful motivational series called The Winning Way – Learnings from sport for managers. The series translated into a book by the same name, which sold over 1,25,000 copies and started a new genre in motivational speaking. Anita went on to set up Bizpunditz, India’s first video learning library for managers which was eventually sold to an edtech company. Anita has been on the Board of Governors of IIM, Jammu and is part of the Advisory board of the Ashank Desai Centre for Leadership and Organisational Development (ADCLOD). A mother of two sons, Anita is a yoga and Sudoku enthusiast and an amateur keyboard player.



Despite the growing number of women acquiring professional degrees, they remain under-represented and almost invisible when it comes to top leadership positions or decision-making roles. While women have proved beyond doubt that they are just as talented and capable as men, they are still held back by expectations laid down by society and largely unconscious bias from colleagues and family members. While women grapple with these external challenges, they find that their own mindsets  are also shaped by similar conditioning. The reasons for women not making it to the top echelons of the business world extend far beyond the known ones like maternity and motherhood.


Based on depth interviews of career women, leaders and experts on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), this book seeks to identify catalysts that can help women achieve maximum potential and fulfilment. “Equal, Yet Different”, Anita believes is precisely how women would like to be treated and need to be treated at home as well as work.


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