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Connecting Fables with the Corporate World

By A. Ezhil Kumar PGDM-92


If you’re searching for a book that seamlessly blends valuable corporate lessons with enthralling storytelling, “Connecting Fables with the Corporate World” by Dr. A. E. Kumar is the perfect choice for you. Dr. Kumar, who graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in the class of 1990-92, draws upon his vast corporate experience to provide readers with valuable insights and relatable examples. Through the 54 stories he’s collected and organized into five sections: Self, Peers, Boss, Work Environment, and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Kumar offers a unique perspective on the corporate world. Each chapter includes an engaging story, followed by an incident from Dr. Kumar’s corporate journey. Every chapter ends with a section for the reader to reflect on each story’s morals and how it relates to their own careers, creating a sense of connection and engagement with the book from beginning to end.

For instance, in the chapter “Merchant Sleeping Under a Banyan Tree,” Dr. Kumar highlights an important lesson about accepting management’s decisions. The author was disappointed when he received a Jeep instead of a swanky car from the administration. A month later, the Jeep met with an accident leaving all three passengers with severe injuries; however, all of them were alive. The insurance surveyor remarked that had it been a car; all three would have died. This experience taught the author not to judge the management’s decisions too harshly and to accept that things happen for a reason.

The way Dr. Kumar narrates stories and relates them to incidents from his corporate journey is incredibly easy to understand, keeping readers hooked. It makes it possible for readers from diverse industries to either learn something new or reminisce on their experiences. Whether you’re an executive looking to gain new insights or an MBA student looking to understand the corporate world better, “Connecting Fables with the Corporate World” is a must-read.


Author Bio:

Dr. A. E. Kumar is a seasoned corporate professional with over 30 years of experience across various industries, including banking, poultry, pet animal food, and hire purchase. He holds a Bachelor’s in veterinary science, a Masters in Agricultural Economics, and a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad, providing a unique and well-rounded perspective. He has held numerous leadership positions and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share. Dr. Kumar is a seasoned globetrotter, having worked in Western Africa, including Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire, and traveled extensively in Malaysia and Brazil for business growth and expansion. He was honored to receive training for Indian Managers, offered and conducted by the German Government.

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