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All that Mattered: Echoes of a Life

By Vaibhav Surana, PGP 2018


Embarking on this poetic journey has been a privilege, an opportunity to blend the diverse worlds that have shaped my life. Growing up with the metaphorical ‘silver spoon’ in a business family and then having the privilege of becoming an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, I have danced between the realms of science and business, but in the quiet spaces between algorithms and balance sheets, I have found solace in creatively reflecting on all that echoes the intricacies of my background and experiences.

I invite you to walk alongside me as I unravel the threads that have woven the tapestry of my existence. Through the rhythm of words, I have captured the whispers of my heart, painting a canvas where equations meet emotions, and logic intertwines with longing.

From the hallowed halls of my alma mater to the bustling streets of ambition, I have poured my memories into stanzas that resonate with the essence of who I am. Each poem is a mosaic of moments, a fusion of fact and feeling that unearths the core of my journey. As you immerse yourself in these verses, you may perhaps even find a few glimpses of your own story.

“All That Mattered” is more than just a collection; it’s an exploration of the intersection between the intellectual and the emotional, the analytical and the artistic. Join me as I traverse the landscapes of my life, offering you an intimate view of the world through my eyes and the melodies that dance in my heart.


Author’s Introduction:

Vaibhav Surana is from the PGP batch of 2016-18 and also an alumnus of IIT Delhi. He is currently working at Compucom Software Limited, Jaipur. With a blend of technical, business and creative expertise, he brings a unique perspective into his writing pursuits. His first published book ‘All That Mattered : Echoes of a Life’ , intertwines poetry with personal contexts and experiences, offering the readers a glimpse into the author’s background and life’s journey thus far through evocative verses.

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