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Open Book of Happy Memories

By M G Warrier (MDP-1989)


After having authored three books on serious topics like Banking, Finance and Governance in the past, this one is a different and lighter book from M G Warrier. As the name suggests, it has an interesting amalgamation of diverse stories and articles. The author moves from very interesting memories and stories of his past to some relevant views and suggestions on the different areas of life with focus on relationships. The beauty is that you can choose to pick and read any one chapter at a time, without necessarily going in a sequence. Each chapter by itself is complete and either entertaining or informative or both. What stands out are the rich life experiences of the author and his keen observations.

Introducing the context and content of the book, the author/publisher says : Recent pandemic, the impact of which lasted for more than three years unsettled our life. Most of the lifelines breaking, many of us, especially elders, found our life approaching a grinding halt, not only for health or economic reasons. Communication links got reduced to television and internet, as doors closed and even newspapers and magazines, bookstores and libraries were out of reach. To help those friends and relatives who were not tech-savvy or were not comfortable with routine social media interaction, I tried a shortcut through a consolidated daily personal message. The modern social media routes came in handy. Short essays which covered nostalgic memories and brief pieces on current issues became part of my daily messages. This book is a compilation of select pieces from those stories and select essays written by me during recent years. As these were written in different contexts and at different points in time, there are bound to be some repetitions or even conflict of ideas.


Author Bio:

M G Warrier is a central banker who opted to voluntarily retire from service in 2003, when he was working as a General Manager in Reserve Bank of India, Central Office, Mumbai.

Before joining RBI he was working with Employees Provident Fund Organisation and AG’s Office, Thiruvananthapuram. He has also been associated with the trade union movement.

Post-retirement, he has been responding in the media and regularly writing articles in the mainstream print and electronic media. He has published three book–Banking, Reforms & Corruption: Development Issues in 21st Century India (2014), India’s’ Decade of Reforms (2018) and Restoring Trust in Governance (2020) which covered issues related to economic development, role of RBI in economic growth as well as social security concerns including pension system and gold management.

This is his fourth book which is a collection of articles with focus on nostalgic memories and current social issues, some of which he shared in social media during the recent pandemic.

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