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WordIt! Puzzles Crossoku – Play like Crossword. Solve like Sudoku.

By Zahid Hussain PGP-2012


Who doesn’t love a challenge that tests one to the wits end. For all the puzzle lovers out there, here comes an original play pattern, Crossoku that marries the best parts of Crossword and Sudoku, of course with a wordy, nerdy twist. The rules of the puzzle are simple – place the letters in the puzzle grid below such that no row or column repeats a letter. As easy it seems to learn, it is super tough to ace. The book has over 50 puzzles across multiple difficulty levels and is extremely addictive. Get ready to get into endless debates on the multiple ways and strategies to solve the Crossoku with your friends. Once you start solving, there’s no stopping.


Author Bio:

Zahid has over 12 years experience across Manufacturing, Management Consulting and Brand Strategy. He is currently working with Sideways, a creative problem solving company as Senior Strategy Director and has executed large-scale consulting projects across FMCG, BFSI and Building Materials. He also has additional responsibility of setting up the toys and games vertically at Sideways. He loves developing new board games when not busy playing them and has developed many novel play patterns, games and puzzles.

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