Development Office



Small Beginning – Long Journey


– Head of Development Office, Ajit K Motwani


IIMA enjoys envious position among all institutions in the country; including other premier institutes of national importance. Be it the ranking, placements, Alumni networks, Louis Kahn heritage campus, and more recently the contribution that you Alumni have made to support various new development initiatives on the campus.


Institute has not sought Government funding since last decade and half. IIMA enjoys autonomy and associated ecosystem of excellence in teaching, research, and all other academic activities that significantly contribute to branding.


IIMA has also bid for national recognition to be an Institution of Eminence. This entails significant investment in research facilities (Centers of Excellence/ Research Labs); collaborative research with top universities across various geographical regions; modern Infrastructure; internationalization of campus for cultural learning & overall experience; capacity building to provide quality education to larger number of students; new programs to be launched; Institute’s extension centers in select metros/international locations to offer executive education programs/institute outreach & connect; increase in number of prestigious scholarships; international internships; participation of IIMA faculty at top conferences and students at the global competitions.  


Last few years institute has also focused on initiatives supporting Faculty Chairs/Visiting Faculty positions for quality research and better exposure to the students. Other initiatives being pursued include IIMA hosting research conferences on the contemporary themes; annual lecture series contributing to opening the minds to new horizon through renowned speakers’ enlightening discourse.


Executive education contributes to building the brand of the institution among a very large diversity of stake holders across sectors/industry verticals; policy makers; geographical zones; opinion makers. Strengthening Executive Education requires additional faculty in various disciplines as well as infrastructure to support large number of participants on campus.


Institute is in the process to launch a new program in Public Policy. This will be a major milestone to move into the distinguished club of institutions worldwide that are recognized for policy training and implementation insights. It will substantially strengthen the institute’s connect with the Governments and international organizations besides the not-for-profit sector. This will require significant research and teaching resources to be acquired/allocated for the new program as well as the completely new infrastructure that is being planned for implementation in the near future.


Committed Funding/donations of over INR 225 Crores during the last four years is a huge welcome. However, this can at best be just the beginning of a long journey for us to be counted among the league of premier global institutions that IIMA aspires to be. In comparison the highest four recipients: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Princeton have endowments in excess of US$ 20 billion with Harvard at top of the table with US$ 35.67 billion. In 2017, both Harvard and Stanford raised over US$ 1 billion (Harvard US$ 1.28 billion and Stanford US $ 1.13 billion) and together the US higher educational institutions raised US $ 43.6 billion – the highest ever in the history since the annual survey began in 1957.


We therefore have no reason to be complacent with our achievements in fund raising; even though the funding received in each of the recent years exceed the funding in past decades. We are late starters and our journey is truly a very long one with little time to bask in glory of our achievements!

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