50 Years

Dear Alum,

The Alumni Magazine is now Fifty! It is no longer just a milestone, it is historic. Its pages capture so much more than words. A flip through evokes a rush of emotions and memories and sometimes leaves us surprised by how vivid those memories are. It is a living chronicle of all the trials, tribulations, victories, losses, laughter, tears, musings, and memories of thousands of extraordinary individuals (and many couples) who called this place home.

With a new gender-neutral name, THE WIMWIAN, the magazine will continue to soak in your experiences & reflections and provide everyone a glimpse into your world; it will continue to gather significant events on campus and in the lives of alums; it will continue to allow you to reminisce; and it will attempt to be more responsive than before. In that regard, we bring THE WIMWIAN to you in a digital format.

It has been our effort to bring the magazine to you in a format that is more accessible to you and relevant to your on-the-go digital lifestyle. It allows us to be feature rich. It lets us develop and deliver more engaging content not just as a chronicle of the past but also as a source of entertaining and thought-provoking material across disciplines. It is our hope that you will also be able to interact with the content.

We look forward to your feedback and support to develop it further and make it more engaging.


Anurag Choudhury

Head, Alumni and External Partnerships