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Dear Alumni,




I trust this message finds each of you in robust health and high spirits. As the Dean (AER) of our esteemed institution, I take immense pride in the accomplishments of our alumni, which stand as a beacon of inspiration for our current students and whose feats have not only conferred distinction upon themselves but have also bestowed honour upon IIMA.


In this issue of the WIMWIAN, we are delighted in writing about the Young Alumni Achiever Award 2022 winners. These alumni in the early stages of their careers have been awarded for their unwavering dedication, ambition, and zeal to bring about a positive change in the world.


Also, going with the theme of the issue, ‘WIMWIANs in the Government,’ many of our alumni describe their transition from management to governance and the highs and lows that come with it. We also have another alumna, Dr M Sreedevi, Scientist, LEOS- ISRO, who worked on Chandrayaan-3, write about the hard work that went in realising the dream of landing on the moon.


The issue also features the graduating class of 1970 who gathered for a resplendent golden jubilee reunion in Bengaluru on 16-17 February, 2023. It was a unique opportunity to rekindle cherished friendships, rekindle the embers of bygone memories, and contemplate the extraordinary professional odyssey that has shaped their lives.


We are also happy to announce the successful culmination of the Healthcare Summit 2023 led by the Centre of Management of Health Services (CMHS) and IIMA Healthcare Alumni Special Interest Group (SIG). This event stands as a significant milestone in our journey toward innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector. We are happy to report that the event exceeded all expectations, fostering meaningful discussions, sparking innovative ideas, and inspiring collaborations that will undoubtedly shape the future of healthcare.


As we set our gaze on the horizon, our commitment to providing opportunities for our alumni to engage with pressing issues and network with like-minded professionals remains steadfast. The Healthcare Summit led by Healthcare Alumni SIG is an illustration of our dedication to fostering continuous learning and exploration.


We eagerly anticipate your continued participation in the Institute’s forthcoming events and are excited to witness the formidable influence of our alumni community.


Warm regards,

Prof Sunil Maheshwari
Dean (Alumni & External Relations)