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–  Chhavi Moodgal (PGP 2004), CEO – IIMA Endowment Fund


During the last couple of years, individuals, corporates and communities have actively collaborated and channelized efforts to mitigate the pandemic and the associated threats. Globally, more individuals and corporates are now considering ‘giving back’ and philanthropy as a means of not only alleviating a crisis, but also as a meaningful way of creating their own legacy and contributing towards causes which are close to their hearts.


For the alumni and supporters of IIMA, the Endowment Fund presents such possibilities – the first such initiative in a significant management institute in the country.


The Endowment Fund is IIMA’s integrated fundraising and philanthropic arm to facilitate the Institute in achieving its strategic objectives and making an even larger impact in the field of education, entrepreneurial leadership, management practice and public policy. Our fundraising effort encompasses all types of donations – purposed/unpurposed, individual/CSR etc. The Endowment Fund is also responsible for documentation, donor relations and reporting.


So, why would one consider giving back to IIMA?


BUILDING THE INSTITUTE THAT BUILT US As alumni, we have benefited significantly from the Institute – the academic learning, the networks, the experiences at IIMA have helped build subsequent generations of leaders in the industry, academia, public policy and entrepreneurship. Giving back to the Institute is a way of building the future of IIMA – the Institute that enabled exceptional career growth and diverse opportunities for us.


AN ENDOWMENT OF INTERNATIONAL REPUTE AND SCALE Endowment Fund is a professionally run set up with a well-governed mechanism to support Institute’s longevity and autonomy, similar to top global academic institutions that are centuries old. The Endowment Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors which include the Director and Dean AER of the Institute and other well-meaning alumni donors (on rotation), who are committed to giving back to their alma mater.


SUPPORT INSTITUTE’S STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES The Fund will provide resources to the Institute which will be deployed in areas which are of strategic priority to the Institute. These include retention and attraction of world-class faculty, increased publication in premium journals, creating/supporting centres of excellence, rich student diversity and versatile program offerings catering to current and future needs.


CREATING A LEGACY The Fund helps donors choose an option of how they want to be remembered, and create a legacy of their own at the Institute. A formal naming rights policy has been created by the team of the Endowment Fund and has been approved by the Institute to provide options to donors for creating their legacies on campus.


PREPARING TOMORROW’S LEADERS Through the initiatives supported by the Fund, the future generation of students shall have the same heightened experience – as we did. IIMA is in a unique position to bring together resources, skills and networks through its wide and influential alumni base and supporters – who are committed to excellence.


AUGMENT THE ‘I’M IIMA’ CONNECT The Fund shall facilitate the Institute in its efforts of building a vibrant and connected community of alumni and friends, who are focused on expanding brand ‘IIMA’ globally. The Fund is also a mechanism for our rich 40,000+ alumni base across all walks of life to engage further with the Institute.


A community thrives on its philanthropic members, and similarly, an institute relies on their alumni for additional support to accentuate their activities and achieve desired results. IIMA Endowment Fund welcomes alums and well-wishers to lay the foundation for the next generation of nation-building, and contribute to the long and secured future of the Institute.