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He met her on a summer’s day

While he walked his path and she walked her own

Each had a different world and way

Each life in a different way had grown


As the days went by they had some fun

Shared their pasts, their fears, their hopes and dreams

They talked of everything under the sun

Of how it is and how it seems


Then one day they both realised

To each the other had become family

They would never see another when they closed their eyes

So he asked her ‘Will you marry me?’


The answer was easy, the act was not

Their decision in fact a storm ignited

But they were strong, for their love they fought

And in the end, they were united


Over time they built a family, a home

The years showed times both hard and grand

On paths of flowers, sometimes of stone

They have walked together, hand-in-hand


Their lands unique, different families too

Through them were brought together as one

And they had as with life they grew

Two wonderful children, a daughter and a son


Since they came together, twenty-five years

They have walked and loved and lived this story

Time brought a lot of laughs and a few tears

But their love conquered all in its own glory


So we invite you to come and share with us

To see why life was made by God above

On this Earth where all things must turn to dust

A living proof of eternal love


            A poem by Aseem Chaturvedi

                                            On his parents Nadira & Amit Chaturvedi (PGP-1975)

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