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Authored by 33 students from the ProdMan Club and ProdX Club of IIM Ahmedabad



Available for free on an online platform, this is a book for the aspiring Product Manager, new age tech product enthusiast and truly anyone interested in understanding what makes the technology around us so engaging and effective.


Rather than repeat and reuse the wealth of jargon and frameworks that the internet buries one in, this book focuses on 2 simple and powerful ideas. First, it brings the average reader up to speed on today’s most relevant technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, and methods of problem solving, such as design thinking. Secondly, it cuts straight to learning by doing, critiquing apps that every reader has used, ranging across Uber, Amazon and Zomato.


Depending on the reader’s level of knowledge and understanding of Product Management, they may find tremendous value in each chapter of this book, or crisp insights by leafing through specific sections.



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