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Authored by Mr. Rajiv Inamdar (PGP 1976)


“A delightful book that takes you down memory lane and tells you stories about Rajiv’s life while growing up and then as a professional manager and business leader. It is a highly  entertaining memoir replete with anecdotes narrated in a self-deprecating humorous vein.

We both started life a few years apart in advertising and became brand managers of a brand with a storied history – Horlicks.

A treasure trove of  anecdotes of  life in various countries across roles in diverse industries, Adventures of an Itinerant Executive  is a must read for those who do not wish to tread the beaten path but constantly reinvent themselves.” – Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Co- Founder Info Edge (,,,, and Ashoka University


“The celebrated management guru, Peter Drucker believed that market research is the quintessence of marketing. In a riveting narrative of his own market research experience over four decades in several countries, Rajiv Inamdar has proved once again how right Peter Drucker is. For anyone interested in marketing, Rajiv’s book is an asset and a must read.” – A.R. Ghanshyam, Former Indian Envoy to Angola and Nigeria



“Rajiv Inamdar takes the reader into the many dimensions of his captivating life –  glimpses of four generations of family, professional vignettes, happenings in places around the world.  Rajiv’s writing is endearing and authentic, laced with stories of success as well as of challenges and unexpected incidents — captured with an eye for detail. The arc of Rajiv’s memoir includes the opening of the Indian economy and a period of its unprecedented growth. The itinerant in him takes us also to Sri Lanka, the Middle East and the UK. Professionally too, he traverses many worlds, sharing insights into the domains of advertising, brand management, market research, consumer banking and knowledge management. Rajiv gives us an altogether absorbing narrative of aspirations and experiences lived in the slipstream of an emerging India.” – Arun Kumar, Chairman & CEO of KPMG in India and Author



“A very readable account of a life spent gathering diverse experiences. The book is a great combination of some lovely anecdotes, life lessons narrated with a lightness of touch and an inspiring account of a successful professional journey. The writing is fluid and easy, and sprinkled with a liberal dose of humour. A highly enjoyable read.” – Santosh Desai, MD & CEO Future Brands and Author



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