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Putting Knowledge into Action: A new chapter for IIMA North America alumni

The article explores the recent initiatives undertaken by the IIMA North America Alumni Association (IIMANA AA), which proposes a more integrated alumni-institute relationship.

Synchrony 2023

Synchrony 2023 was held on 26 May 2023 and was an evening of networking and fun. We had 79 attendees, with alumni ranging from batches across the decades – from the 1980s till the most recent batch of 2023.

It was an occasion to catch up with dorm mates, batch mates and make new friends with other fellow alumni. People turned back the clock, shared fond memories, re-lived stories of and off campus life, and of course, did some serious networking as well. We also welcomed the PGP1s and the new alumni who have just begun their careers in Singapore.

    1. New Executive Council Elected
      A significant development in the IIMA NA Alumni Association, US Chapter was the establishment of the new Executive Council, which will play a pivotal role in shaping the association’s vision and strategy. A 9-member EC body was elected for a term of two years along with the constitution of sub-committees. Gaurav Rastogi (PGP 1996), an accomplished Silicon Valley-based business leader, was appointed the Executive Council’s President. The remaining office-bearers include:

      • Dr. Balaji Prasad – PGP 2003, Purchase, NY
      • Nilesh Jain – PGP 1995, Scarsdale, NY
      • Nish Kamthan – PGP 2004, Bridgewater, NJ
      • Prasad Subramani – PGP, 1996, Philly
      • Ritesh Aggarwal – PGP 2000, NJ
      • Sunil Eda – PGP 2008, Jacksonville, FL
      • Varun S – PGP 2011, Atlanta, GA
      • Vinay Bhaskar – PGPX 2012, NJ

      The new EC has met monthly to revitalise the IIMA alumni events, endowment, and a closer partnership with the institute.

    2. The White Paper on IIMA-Alumni Interactions: A Vision for the Future
      A highlight of IIMANA AA’s recent activities is creating a white paper on IIMA-Alumni interactions. This comprehensive document delves into the myriad benefits that strong alumni interactions can offer to a highly prestigious management institute like IIMA, including:

      Knowledge Sharing: Alumni bring diverse experiences and insights from their professional journeys, which can enrich the academic environment by providing real-world perspectives to students and faculty.
      Networking Opportunities: Strong alumni networks can open doors for internships, placements, and mentorship, benefiting current students and fellow alumni.

      Fundraising and Philanthropy: A well-connected and engaged alumni community is more likely to contribute to the institute’s growth through financial support, scholarships, and infrastructure development.

      Brand Building: A thriving alumni community can enhance the institute’s reputation, attracting top talent, faculty, and corporate collaborations.

      The white paper further outlined various strategies for fostering robust alumni interactions:
      Regular Networking Events: Organising alumni meetups, webinars, and conferences to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange, and customised courses for alumni.

      Mentorship Programs: Establishing formal mentorship initiatives connecting experienced alumni with students.

      Online Platforms: Leveraging digital platforms for alumni engagement, discussions, and information sharing.

      Academic Partnerships: Collaborating with the institute to provide guest lectures, case studies, and industry insights.

    3. Preparations for IIMAGE Event 2024 in Progress
      The IIMA Global Event (IIMAGE) is a highly anticipated gathering of the extended IIMA community. The IIMANA AA, US Chapter is actively preparing for the 2024 edition of this event, promising to make it a memorable and enriching experience. IIMAGE is an opportunity for alumni from across the globe to reconnect, share experiences, and contribute to the growth of their beloved institute.
  1. Strengthening Alumni-Institute Relationship Through Personal Engagements
    An alumni association’s effectiveness lies in its ability to facilitate meaningful interactions between alumni and the institute. Various IIMANA AA, US Chapter’s Executive Council members recently met with key stakeholders at IIMA in person. These interactions embody the association’s commitment to fostering a strong bond between alumni and the institute. These meetings open avenues for collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships that will further enhance the value of the alumni-institute relationship.
  2. In conclusion, the IIMA NAAA, under the new Executive Council, is embarking on a promising journey to strengthen the alumni-institute relationship. Creating the white paper on alumni interactions, preparations for IIMAGE 2024, and in-person meetings with IIMA stakeholders attest to the association’s dedication to enhancing the institute’s excellence. The IIMANA AA, US Chapter’s endeavours are a testament to the enduring spirit and commitment of IIMA alumni to give back to their alma mater and support IIMA’s legacy of excellence in management education.

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