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15 Years Reunion of PGPX-08: Finding Fun, Learning and Meaning

By: Nitin Beohar, PGPX-08

Our 15 years reunion was held on 29-31 December 2023 at IIMA campus. One of the best yardsticks for any reunion’s success is the number of people who turn up to attend it and from that perspective ours was a blessed one right from the start, with our classmates showing unparalleled enthusiasm to make that all important trip to get into the hallowed portals of our beloved Well-known Institute of Management in Western India, once more, most of them with family.

The first thing that attracted our eyes once we got there was the very many different ways in which our institute has changed over the years; a pure joy to behold and a matter of immense pride for all of us. The friendly staff at the alumni office surely went the extra mile to make our visit there a breeze and our stay at the campus all the more pleasant and productive.

The icing on the cake was obviously our learning experiences, the most important of which was the case discussions driven by Prof. Saral in his inimitable way where he engaged, questioned, taught and last but not the least, inspired us with his awesome insights about a company that was founded and run by one of our alumni. The session went so well that it became a real epiphany about what IIMA means to us and how we will never ever grow tired of wanting to come back here time and time again.

Our batchmates also added their own share of learning to the mix wherein some of the entrepreneurs and path breakers of our batch held us spellbound with their stories of how they took the bull by the horn and made a difference in their post PGPX avatars.

The fun quotient was high as well with variety entertainment and cultural programs sprinkled right throughout, where all and sundry pitched in to showcase their talents as well as appreciate those of others on display.

All in all, a memorable program from start to finish, one which had all of us heart wrenchingly wishing and waiting as to when the next time will be for something like this to come along into our lives again!




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