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Kolkata Chapter Hosts Interactive Session with IIMA Director

The IIM-A Alumni Association Kolkata Chapter had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Bharat Bhaskar, Director IIMA, Prof. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean Alumni & External Relations IIMA and Ms Chhavi Moodgal, Director Endowment Fund IIMA at Mr. Madan Mohanka’s residence on February 4, 2024.

The occasion was an interactive session with the invitees from IIM Ahmedabad and members of the Kolkata Chapter. The event was attended by more than 50 alumni, from several batches across the years. Amongst them were many notable people from the academic and corporate sector and the public sector of Bengal.

The event began with a rousing welcome from Mr. Madan Mohanka and Mr. Pankaj Kankaria, followed by a talk by Prof. Bharat Bhaskar who spoke about the progress of IIMA, and the new initiatives and strategies he has brought in to take IIMA forward. It was heart-warming to hear his plans on how to build consensus and shape the narrative so that everyone is on board, and the alumni truly appreciated his forward thinking management style.

Prof. Sunil Maheshwari outlined his new initiatives for alumni outreach and engagement in terms of career development and support from the institute. The mood in the room grew nostalgic very quickly, when the Kolkata alumni were treated to the new IIMA video, presented by Ms. Chhavi Moodgal. It was interesting to learn about her progress in building the Endowment Fund.

To end the event, we had a very lively Q&A discussion between the alumni and the professors, with the final vote of thanks, delivered by Mr. Sumant Bhutoria. The alumni and guests enjoyed the networking opportunity and warm hospitality of Mr. Madan Mohanka and the delicious food and drinks served at his terrace garden. The Kolkata Chapter also thanks the Director and Dean for coming to Kolkata and discussing their initiatives at IIM Ahmedabad..





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