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CHAOS ’24: Bedazzling Three Days of Talent and Art

The CHAOS ’24 extravaganza held from January 24-26, 2024 promised to be a truly unforgettable event with a fantastic lineup of professional artist performances and captivating competitions encompassing dance, music, fashion, workshops, gaming, dramatics, literary endeavors, and much more. And it certainly lived up to those expectations, and even exceeded them!

Since 1996, the campus has played host to CHAOS, the star-studded annual cultural extravaganza of IIMA. Every year, CHAOS witnesses a massive footfall of approximately 80,000 individuals from over 500 institutes across the country, providing a unique opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the IIMA way of life. And this year was no exception, with CHAOS wholeheartedly embodying the spirit of the institution.

The first day of CHAOS ‘24 began with dazzling duet dances, captivating stage plays, solo fashion moments, enlightening workshops, and an insightful session with actor Sunny Hinduja. The night was alive with the electrifying beats of Trap India, and DJ Julia Bliss left the audience wanting more.

The second day was a symphony of group dances, enthralling stage plays, soul-stirring solo singing, and a runway ablaze with style! Singer and Actor Swanand Kirkire left everyone feeling inspired after his thought-provoking speaker session. The workshops on Bollywood Dance and Content Creation were received with enthusiasm and energy. The night crescendoed with the magical voice of Mohammed Irfan Ali.

The final day of CHAOS 24 brought the stage alive with solo dance brilliance, impactful street plays, and a battle of the bands that set the crowd on fire! The speaker sessions with Sahiba Bali and Kabir Khan were insightful and thought-provoking. The workshops on Kathak Dance and Texture Art ignited everyone’s creative spirits. The night reached its pinnacle with the powerhouse performance by the queen herself, Sunidhi Chauhan. She left the audience feeling exhilarated, singing out loud, and completely mesmerized.

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