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(Jan 12, 2019)


– Kalpen Shukla (PGP86), President, IIMA Alumni Association (Mumbai), +91 9820143447


IIMAAA-Mumbai organised 5th Annual Family Get-together at Cascade, Rooftop of Hotel Orchid. We were lucky to manage this popular venue once again. The open-to-sky terrace offers unique charm for one and all. This winter has been relatively colder for Mumbai, and therefore, it created wonderfully pleasant ambience offering welcome relief from otherwise hot and humid weather of Mumbai!


The organisers of the event


As is customary, the office bearers (Ravi and Pradyumn) were the first to reach the venue. Pradyumn was surprised (and probably worried) since there were only 3 people on the terrace till 7 pm! The alumni and family members gradually started pouring in and we witnessed attendance of 110 participants for the evening.


IIMAAA-Mumbai is fortunate to find a very encouraging response from the alumni who regularly attend all events – including family get-togethers. Pritish Kandoi (PGP 1995), Anuragi Raman (PGP 1996), Om Periwal (PGP 2004), Sridhar Rengan (PGP 2002), Meghana & Ravi Shankar (PGP 2009), to name a few. It is extremely pleasing to hear from the spouses and children that, they look forward to attending this event every year. During the customary gifting session, we found the youngest child participant (14 months – kid of Yasesh Shah PGPX 2015), but the oldest one turned out to be nearly 25 years!


The evening was enlivened by a performance from Gaurav Dagaonkar (PGP 2006), a celebrated music director/singer and the founder of Songfest, a digital music label and production house. Almost every attendee enjoyed the privilege of getting an individual snap with their favourite artist.



The tribe of our young admirers is growing. Attached are 2 cutely worded notes (from Riddhi – daughter of Meghana & Ravi and Tanishka – daughter of Vandana & Sridhar) that say it all about family events of IIMAAA-Mumbai …. Cheers!!





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