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(July 6, 2018)


– Kalpen Shukla (PGP86), President, IIMA Alumni Association (Mumbai)


IIMAAA-Mumbai organised Book Launch event – “Fast Forward Toward Civilizational Greatness: Agenda for India” – authored by Prof Pradip Khandwalla (ex-Director, IIMA) on July 6, 2018.


Basic theme of the book is to deliberate over creation of crassly materialistic civilization prompted by greed for money and power while pursuing economic growth.  This greed is eroding the ethical values, and in turn breeds widespread corruption, violence, and discord. Therefore, how do we create a better society that is also democratic and a market-driven economy. The book is meant to initiate a conversation among thinkers to ponder over the fate of civilization and about what kind of civilization we want to co-create particularly for India.


Dr Hasit Joshipura (Exec Comm Member L&T, Former Head Glaxo, PGP 82) curated and helped the chapter to organise the event. Ms Shikha Sharma (Former CEO, AXIS Bank, PGP 80) was the Guest of Honour.



The Chief Guest, R Gopalakrishnan (Former Director – Tata Sons, Mindworks), aptly expressed his views on maintaining the balance between “Dharma” & ‘Artha’ and not allow one to take precedence over the other.


The event was attended by select 60+ alumni – drawn largely from senior batches and students of Prof Khandwalla. Axis bank offered to host the event at Axis House.




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