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I remember my husband taking the family to the Harvard steps when he took us around to show us the institute when we were there during a summer vacation with my mum and my two children, Irene and Reuben (Reuben is an IIMA alumnus). We do not have any pictures from that time, but I do have a family picture of where the dream to succeed sent us to Harvard! We had another child after his return from IIMA and he is an alumnus of IIMC.


Apart from a wonderful education, my husband received financial support in the form of a loan from the institute to pursue his studies there.


Case Method: Thanks to learnings at IIMA and the Harvard Business School, Dr Raj propagated the CASE METHOD that he himself used in all his training programs at ASCI, Hyderabad and thereafter.


I hope that the next generation will propagate all that he believed in.


Dr (Mrs) Besant Raj, Wife of Dr A Besant C Raj (PGP 1966)


I have never been to Harvard but when I heard of Harvard steps at IIM-A; I got excited and visited the steps immediately… To me, walking into IIM-A was in itself gave goosebumps; but then, when we decided to visit the Harvard steps, we discussed about should we walk down the Harvard steps or should we walk up the Harvard steps? Some decided to walked down the Harvard steps; but I decided to walk up. Each steps spun a thought in me as it is on these very steps great entrepreneurs of India once sat for hours together; it is on these steps some of the intellectual brains thought of their own dreams – maybe; it is on these steps, many gained energy to walk very long professionally and left their mark in process and it is on these very steps, some of the young brains of today are seeding their preparation for Young India tomorrow…


Salute to Harvard Steps!!


Mr Venu Madhav (3-TP 2019)


Majestic as it is, the Harvard Steps has a funny sort of memory for me. Firstly, it was that mad rush before 1 PM by the side of Harvard Steps to submit WAC report at Wing 1 in that large wooden post box that would be removed sharp at 1 PM. As the deadline was over, one could see torn and discarded slippers all the way from the dorms to Wing 1 as the Usain Bolts made it on time. The other memory is an ambulatory walk along the same path – this time to meet Strategy Area Professors for thesis work in the same Wing 1 and trying to see through the dark window glasses if lights were burning inside or there was any movement to confirm the Professor was there. One fond memory of the top of Harvard Steps was the presence of Mr Srimali – IIMA’s long time PRO in his customary white dress waiting to receive and show any guest around the campus. These small things made IIMA different.


Mr Sumit Mitra (FPM 1999)


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