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“Ashish Joshi was known as a quiet and thoughtful person, and a caring friend, among his batchmates at IIMA. In dorm meetings and project groups, his mates would often await from Ashish what they knew would be a balanced word. He had an interest in marketing and quantitative topics, and his dorm mates remember the ease with which Ashish would approach difficult MRIS problems.” – Biswanath Bhattacharya, PGP 1996


“Ashish’s love for Market Research inspired him to do a second MBA from Terry College of Business, Georgia with specialization in MR in 2000. He was offered a full scholarship and he joined Clorox’s MR Division in 2001. He stayed with Clorox until his last day and worked on many strategic initiatives. He was deeply respected and admired by his colleagues at Clorox.


Ashish loved spending time with his family – wife Mala (ex-colleague from Indian Express and then joined Ashish at Clorox too, post her second MBA from the University of Wisconsin) and two lovely kids Vishaan (15 years) and Samyra (12 years). Twice every year (summer and winter break), Ashish would explore a new exotic location globally with his family. He wanted to spend as much quality time with his family as possible. He was a role model for his family and friends. Everyone looked up to him for advice in his friends and family.


I was lucky to spend time with Ashish both in India (we shared same flat in Vile Parle) and then in the US during my umpteen business trips to the Bay Area in California. I would make it a point to stay with him and not in a hotel. Ashish and Mala were great hosts and used to be super excited every time I would visit them. They would start preparations in advance for my visit. We shared a love for barbecuing. We would barbecue in their backyard and chat over drinks about past memories and current affairs. These sessions used to conclude either with Kishore Kumar songs or Mirza Ghalib shayari. Ashish loved poetry.” – Anshul Verma, PGP 1996


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