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Rejoy Kurup (PGP 2006, Dorm 09)


They do not interview him on television

He has never given any TED speech.

No conferences where he wins awards

No leadership lessons does he teach.


There are no investors behind his back

No startup founders waiting for his call.

He is just a moderately successful man

He might be big fish, but his pond small.


I honestly do not believe the story

But there are some folks who say.

That he too was destined for greatness

They thought he’d make it big someday.


But hey, please don’t get me wrong

He is pretty good at what he does.

Pays his bills on time and the taxes too

Away from limelight, far from the buzz.


He lives life on his own terms, of course

Though some say he has missed the bus.

He protests he has different priorities now

And doesn’t understand what’s the fuss.


There are days when he remembers

How he once had it all figured out.

But now with more experience, he knows

Only fools are sure, the rest always doubt.


So next time you meet him, keep in mind

That our life has its own grand plan.

Don’t believe the news, for the world is run

By the moderately successful man…



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