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Authored by Kapil Mehta (PGP 1993), co-founder of SecureNow, an award-winning insurance broking firm that uses technology-based distribution to sell commercial insurances to MSMEs in India.  He is a policyholder representative on the Policyholder Protection Board Subcommittee of a life insurer, on the SME advisory board of a leading general insurer, and is a Charter Member of TiE. Kapil was formerly the managing director of Prudential Financial’s life insurance company in India. Still earlier, he has worked with Max New York Life, McKinsey & Company and Unilever.



We face risks without realizing their enormity – death, accidents, ill-health, burglaries, earthquakes, riots, fires and storms. Additional risks, such as Covid, come about with alarming irregularity to disrupt our lives. Look around and you will see many examples of the deep impact these risks can have. A wage earner’s premature death can put paid to their children’s education; chemotherapy can eat up your life’s savings; an illness when overseas can leave you confused about how to get treated; heavy rains can flood your home; and an accident can cause litigation.


The right insurance coverage provides the most effective tool to deal with such adversities. However, in the age of vested interest driven mis-selling, understanding and buying the right insurance is tricky. In the absence of expertise, we often turn to friends, colleagues and Google for advice only to end up buying ineffective insurance plans.


With his rich experience in insurance, Kapil Mehta shines a light on the many risks you face and provides an easy-to-understand, thoughtful approach to addressing those. The result is a book that is comprehensive, covering all your insurance needs (including those that you never imagined) and provides you the security and confidence you need to face the future—confidence, which is the secret to leading a happily insured life.



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