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Start-up to Scale-up: Entrepreneur’s Guide to Venture Capital – Vivek Joshi (PGPX 2007)




Authored by Vivek Joshi (PGPX 2007). He has more than 30 years of international management experience in several functions and industries. He is closely associated with the Start-up and Growth stage ecosystem, and advises businesses and entrepreneurs on growth & turnaround and sourcing funds. He has delivered the workshop ‘Start-up to Scale-up’ for the benefit of Entrepreneurs at several locations in the country, followed by an Entrepreneur Clinic for discussions on various aspects of their scale-up plans. He has also been is an invited speaker on several topics and workshops, including ‘Advanced Perspectives on Strategy’, ‘The Next Decade & its Impact on Business’, ‘Overview of PE & VC’, and ‘Challenges of the 21st Century’.


Synopsis The vast majority of businesses do not scale-up to their potential, despite the keen desire of the Entrepreneur to do so. Lack of Finance is one of the primary reasons for this. Providers of capital often do not find sufficient prospects which are ready to receive funding due to inadequate preparation and presentation by Entrepreneurs. The understanding of Venture Capital (VC) and how to go about receiving it is often incomplete, and sources of information are limited. The publications of ‘Start-Up to Scale-Up’ are intended to partially bridge these gaps. This book provides information to the Entrepreneur on VC, practical tips on how to prepare to receive VC funding, review of the investment process, and an understanding of what the Venture Capitalist looks for when evaluating an investment. Keeping in mind the needs and constraints of the Entrepreneur the book is designed to be easy to read & understand. It seeks to equip the Entrepreneur with suggestions & formats for interaction with VC. Jargon has been minimized, accompanied with a free-flowing style of writing. The individual chapters (& overall publication) are short. The learnings should be at the back of the minds of Entrepreneurs when they interact with VC in future.




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