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By P K Kishen Pejathaya


Vellore S Vikram, our dear batchmate from the batch of 69-71, passed away on 26 March 2021, after a brief illness.


He was a financial trustee of Ethiraj College For Women and had started a management school named Meenakshi Sundararajan School of Management. He also was into real estate. He is survived by wife Meena, along with children Arjun and Arvind and Arathi. Vellore Vikram was my senior in school and the engineering college, and also became my batchmate in IIMA. He was unanimously chosen as Class Rep/Head Boy in school and college and then again in IIMA. He went to Boston on a Rotary Foundation Scholarship but returned to Chennai as Meena was pregnant.


All batchmates observed 2 minutes silence on 27 march on the day of the funeral.


Here is a shared memory from USA- “The two minutes remembrance silence brought rushing back some tears and Vicky’s memories. He was the first friend to visit me in Los Angeles – I suppose he was on some sort of Rotary scholarship and I was studying at UCLA. We had a lot of fun. He charmed us by deliberately exaggerating South Indian pronunciation of Sepulveda Boulevard which shows up wherever you go in West Los Angeles. It traverses South to North and whenever we crossed it – there goes Vicky. All my friends at UCLA loved him. But Vicky, Hari, and I met up in Chennai. Hari – the most generous host – took me around and we had some meal at Vicky’s club. My regret is that I did not bring him any gift. I traveled light to avoid check in of luggage. But it was so lovely to see him. He was a gentle giant. I bet some of the girls in our UCLA group of friends thought of him as a huggable Teddy Bear.”


We dearly miss him as we celebrate his life. He is somewhere smiling and reminding us that he will always be our Class Rep till the last one of us leave this abode to start afresh.


Love you Vicky, All your friends




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