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Asian Perspectives on Workplace Bullying and Harassment Editors – Prof Premilla D’Cruz, Prof Ernesto Noronha, Avina Mendonca




Editors – Prof Premilla D´Cruz, Prof Ernesto Noronha and Prof Avina Mendonca



The book showcases empirical studies on workplace bullying from a range of Asian countries, including China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam, and is the first-of-its-kind single academic project documenting workplace emotional abuse in the world’s largest continent. It encompasses the ‘varieties of workplace bullying’ conceptualization in addition to category-based harassment and abusive supervision, and presents target, bystander and interventionist perspectives, along with contextualized insights into the phenomenon. The book speaks to the significance of sociocultural factors and draws on several theoretical and substantive bases including dignity, social cynicism, coping, gender, sexual orientation, job insecurity, turnover intention, affective events theory, attribution theory, regulation and policy initiatives. Covering all major regions in Asia where workplace bullying has been found to occur, namely West Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia, the book portrays studies which engage both positivist and postpositivist paradigms, utilize an array of methods and include a range of industrial sectors and employment contracts and all levels of the organization. While focused on Asia, the book’s insights have international relevance and are of interest to the worldwide community of researchers, practitioners and students of organizational studies, human resource management, industrial sociology, work psychology, industrial relations, labour law, corporate law, health sciences, social work and Asian studies.

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