By Sumit Tripathi, Deepkumar Girdhar and Shriniket Patil – (PGP 2018)


After spending a lot of bid points and subsequently gaining new perspectives on graphs and data from the DVDM course (Totally worth those 118 bid points), we wanted to also boast about our data-analysis-through-visualization skills somewhere. Lo and behold, the following is our take on something that people in the campus can all relate to – The Quizzes! We gathered the quiz data from our Tucchas and Facchas till Slot 4 for this analysis. This could maybe just help you guys sound wise to the next batch when telling them when to expect the next quiz.



KEY INSIGHTS (Some of the course names might have been changed through the year)


FRA quiz is more predictable than the Halley’s comet Likely to happen first (on the Thursday or Friday of the second week), we found the date to be quite consistent across the years. Even your dorm caretaker and Rambhai would tell you that.


PGP Office loves to distribute their accounting work (aka Finance quizzes) on Thursdays (followed by Wednesdays and Tuesdays) This sounds cliché, but the data also corroborates this FINomenon.


There is a high Probability, and Statistics show PS-1 or QM-1a to be the first quiz on Monday of the third week (Slot 1) Uncovered from the three-year data, we can almost be certain that it might not happen again 😉 But don’t worry, most people on the campus won’t have to take the PS-1 quiz again anyway.


Slot-wise show-openers: Slot 2- OM, Slot 3- UPO-related subject, Slot 4- CCS, and Slot 6- CF


The longest consecutive break with no quizzes is around 2 weeks We had a fortnightly break not only once but twice, after slot 1 and slot 2 exams! And that too consistently for three consecutive years! If you manage correctly, you could have a 2-week Hawaii trip (of course, missing your classes, which is not recommended till Term 6!)


Slot 5 consistently has the least amount of quizzes (On average around 1.5) Well, this might be true for Tucche’s and Super Tucche’s year, but this might change since SCEB has been shifted to Slot 4 this year. 🙁


The highest number of consecutive quizzes is 4 quizzes per week! (Although  there has been a rumour of continuous 5-day quizzes before also) Brace yourself for the apocalypse guys and gals.


Plan your lunch outings on Mondays or Fridays They will have the least likelihood of being cancelled due to a quiz, unless your friends ditch you first. With Thursday being the favourite quiz day across the 3 terms followed by Wednesday – Time to take the Thursday fasts.

Exam weeks offer no protections for quizzes not to happen. Look at LAB and CCS quizzes. This explains a lot why the tales of quizzes marathon during the hoax weeks are not to be taken lightly.


There are a lot of variations that can occur in the last slot (e.g. Double quizzes – BRM and GSP). This is probably due to the length of the slots and the introduction of flexi-courses. Who knows something like a double quizzes or something even scarier can even occur again 😉



Acknowledgement This graph would not be lying in front of you without the contributions from our Super Tucchi Arika Tulsyan (PGP 2017), Sarvesh Koyande (PGP 2018), Raghu Chindukur (PGP 2018), Soham Sinha (PGP 2018), Sandeep Barua (PGP 2019) and Amit Bhati (PGP 2019), and lastly the PGP office, without whom such quizzes would not be made possible (Please don’t screw the authors).


Wait…What’s next We would love to hear from you and delve deeper in the data to find new insights. Sai Manoj Sistla (PGP 2018) has suggested that we can analyse using the number of classes instead of simply using days or weeks to get an even more accurate data. This can be an interesting take. If you are interested in exploring more, feel free to contact us for the raw data.


The main point that we want to drive is that data analytics need not be limited to the elite few. Every one of us can look around and find pattern in the simplest of things to create new meanings and improve our lives.


For the facchas, have fun speculating the next quiz!

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